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02/19/10 01:37 PM #1    


Jim Kinsella

Welcome to the Westfield Senior High School Class Of 1975 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/20/10 08:51 PM #2    


MaryLou Anderson (Relle)

Great work Jim, this is a wonderful class site.

06/15/10 10:26 PM #3    


Jennifer Anderson

How on earth did it take me so long to discover this awesome site??? How great to have something intrinsically "ours," WHS '75!!!!! So long for good! Thank you Jim!!!

06/22/10 12:18 AM #4    

Mark Travis Fuller

Thanks Jim - it's a thing of beauty. Amazing job!

06/30/10 06:39 PM #5    


Jim Kinsella

I guess I haven't been checking this page much, thanks all!

08/13/10 02:37 PM #6    

Ann Heilman

Hi Jennifer and ML and Jim and Mark F. ,I love to see these posts! I hope you all attend this years reunion! Jim has done a fantastic job on this site! Thanks go out to all the committee members who have worked so diligently! PEACE OUT! ANNIE 

08/20/10 09:57 PM #7    


Jennifer Anderson

Hey Ann! How are you??? Having our own personal site is so cool, and you're right that Jim and everyone else have done a fab job. So I guess you'll be at the reunion then? I'm trying to work things out to go, but not sure if it's going to happen... Hope you're well!!

09/03/10 02:41 PM #8    

Leslie Silver (Osher)

ALL: I cannot really say If i will be able to come, but I want too! My mother has to have surgery and i may need to take family leave. Still not sure when it will be. Most likley around the time of the reunion. FIGURES. I will keep you posted. Best, Leslie!

09/12/10 05:22 PM #9    

Bill McGlynn

Could we start a Facebook site also?!/pages/Westfield-Senior-High-School-Class-Of-1975/149550888411736

Bill McGlynn

09/19/10 03:00 PM #10    


Cyriese Lambert (Downer)

Looking forward to seeing everyone @ the reunion. Jim ... great work!

09/23/10 02:37 PM #11    


Jim Kinsella

Thanks Cyriese!

There is a lot of momentum building for the Reunion. Let's keep getting the word out!

09/27/10 07:43 PM #12    


Geraldine Jacob

great web-site.  I have just visited the "in Remembrance" section.  I was surprised by some of the names on it.  It is so great to include this on the site.   They were all part of our lives during those HS years.    Thank you for your time and caring to put all of this together.  I have been on FB rounding up some attendees.  Looking forward to the reunion.

09/28/10 10:44 AM #13    


Jim Kinsella

Hi Geri ,  (Can I still call you Geri?)

Thanks for your kinds words, it's been fun working on this and reconnecting with so many!

The "In Memory" section has caught many of us by surprise, myself included as I have received such notices to post. It really causes one to stop and think, and maybe consider sending a note off to an old friend just to say "hi".

Be well!

10/01/10 02:31 PM #14    

Kevin Kelly

Weeef Waaaa!

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