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2015-1975= 40th Year Reunion time…OMG!  surprise

Just to let everyone know, the gears of the 40th Year Reunion have recently started to turn, albeit slowly.  A nascent Reunion group has been communicating via email for a few weeks now and old friend and classmate Sherb Naulty has graciously volunteered to lead the effort this time around. Along with Sherb, classmates Bic Treut, Daryl Brewster, Mary Lou Anderson (Relle), Sue Tuttle (Massie), and I have offered to assist the effort in one fashion or another and Deb Nichols (Cavanagh), Glen Kehler, Lisa Bender, John McDermott, and Pat Mullen have been active in the interchange as well. While that may sound like a lot of people, the truth is each one of us has limitations in just how much we can commit to the effort.

So that being the case, interested parties are encouraged to join the effortyes

A core team, aka the Reunion Committee, still needs to crystalize. The reunion committee sets the theme, determines logistics, and outlines the tasks in preparation of the event. They will meet periodically in conference calls, emails, and some sort of collaboration mechanism yet to be determined. This core team needs to gel sooner rather than later. Beyond the Reunion Committee itself,  a broader effort will be required to successfully communicate the event to our fellow classmates and friends. If you are so inclined, please reach out the Sherb Naulty at by February 28th, however the sooner you can respond the better. The first Committee call is currently targeted for first week in March.

The most pressing task at hand for the committee is the selection of Venue and the date of course. Venue suggestions so far include Shackamaxon Country Club, where the 35th was held, Echo Lake Country Club, and the Knights of Columbus in Westfield/Scotch Plains. Other sites are possible, but the intention is for the venue to be Westfield Centric if possible for obvious reasons

Rest assured that once the committee has something more definitive communicate on where and when, it will be communicated in several channels.

Best regards,

Jim Kinsella

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